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Shopping, with bargaining the usual practice, is a major tourist attraction. Points of interest include the Van Kleef Aquarium at Fort Canning Park, the Singapore Zoological and Botanical Gardens, and the resort island of Sentosa. Singapore has a number of other attractions, including an amusement park at Haw Pav Village, site of historic Chinese statues, and the restoration of the Alkaff Mansion.

Singapore has many sports clubs and associations, notably in the areas of badminton (in which Singaporeans have distinguished themselves internationally), basketball, boxing, cricket, cycling, golf, hockey, horse racing, motoring, polo, swimming, tennis, and yachting.

Tourists wishing to enter or visit Singapore must have a valid passport or other internationally recognized travel document. Visas are required by nationals of Afghanistan, India, Cambodia, Laos, China, Russia, Viet Nam, and holders of Palestinian refugee papers and Hong Kong certificates of identity. Vaccinations are required against yellow fever for travelers from an infected country.

In 2000, 7,691,399 visitors arrived in Singapore, mostly from East Asia and the Pacific. That year Singapore earned US $6 billion from tourism. There were a total of 35,625 hotel beds, filled to 84% of capacity.

According to 2002 US government estimates, the cost of staying in Singapore was approximately $211 per day.

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