Singapore - Organizations

Singapore has a wide variety of organizations, some private in their origin and direction and others essentially government controlled. There are service clubs belonging to international associations; Chinese, Indian, and Malay chambers of commerce; and a multicommunal Singapore chamber of commerce. In addition to such largely private organizations, the government established in 1960 the People's Association, to organize and promote mass participation in social, cultural, educational, and recreational activities. In Singapore, there is a comprehensive network of 133 community centers throughout the country set up by the People's Association. Management, women's, youth, and senior-citizen subcommittees exist as active units of the association.

National youth organizations include the Singapore Scout Association, Youth for Christ, Student Christian Movement of Singapore, the Association of Singapore Students in Economics and Commerce, YMCA/YWCA, and the Singapore Boy's Brigade. Women's organizations include the Association of Women for Action and Research, Singapore Council of Women's Organizations, and the Singapore International Foundation.

The Academy of Medicine, the Singapore National Academy of Science, and the Institute of Physics serve to promote public interest and education as well as professional advancement in various branches of science. Culture and arts organizations are represented by the Indian Fine Arts Society and the Singapore Art Society.

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