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In 1998 there were 8,183 mainline telephones in use and 1,545 cellular phones. Internal and overseas wireless telegraph services are available. The government-controlled Samoan Broadcasting Service, in Apia, transmits radio programs on two stations in Samoan and English and provides direct broadcasts from the Fono. As of 2001 there were four private radio stations, 1 AM and 3 FM. The only television station available that year was government owned. In 1997 there were 323 radios and 25 television sets in use per 1,000 population. In 2000, there were two Internet service providers serving 500 subscribers.

There are several bilingual weeklies, including the Samoa Weekly (1995 circulation, 4,500), Samoa Observer (3,500), and South Sea Star (2,000). There is one daily, Samoan Times , with a 1995 circulation of 5,000.

The constitution provides for free speech and a free press, and the government is said to respect these provisions in practice.

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