Philippines - Armed forces

The active armed forces numbered 106,000 in 2002 with reserves of 131,000. The army, with 73,000 personnel, with 8 infantry divisions and 5 engineer battalions. Equipment included 40 Scorpion tanks. The navy had a total of 24,000 personnel (including 7,500 marines), with one frigate and 58 patrol and coastal combatants. The air force had a strength of 16,000, with 49 combat aircraft and 67 armed helicopters. The Coast Guard had 3,500 personnel. The Philippine national police totaled 40,500, and the Citizen Armed Forces militia had 40,500 personnel. Defense expenditures in 1998 were $995 million or1.5% of GDP.

The government had a cease-fire agreement with the Bangsa Moro Army (5,700) and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (11,000). Active rebel groups included the New People's Army (9,500), the Moro Islamic Reformist Group (900), and the Abu Sayaf Group (200). The numbers for opposition forces are approximate. The Philippines sent troops and observers to participate in the UN mission in East Timor.

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