Papua New Guinea - Tourism, travel, and recreation

Water sports, golf, tennis, and rock climbing are popular pastimes. Tourists must have a valid passport, obtain an entry visa to Papua New Guinea, and hold an onward ticket; malaria suppressants are advisable, although Port Moresby is considered a low-risk area.

In 2000, 58,448 tourists visited Papua New Guinea, about half from Australia. There were 2,640 rooms in hotels and other establishments in 1995, with 5,280 bed-places and an occupancy rate of 54%. Tourism receipts totaled $76 million in 1999.

According to 2003 US government estimates, the cost of staying in Port Moresby was $123 per day. UN reports of 1999, indicate that outside the capital, travel was less expensive. Daily expenses were estimated at $83 in Madang, $63 in Vanimo, and $102 in Minj. In smaller towns where commercial hotels exist, estimated daily expenses dropped to $35 per day.

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