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The only advanced technology is that brought in under the various foreign aid programs. Foreign technicians provide training in cottage industries, and local workers are trained at the Cottage Industry Center in Ka¯thmāndu. In 1982, the Royal Nepal Academy of Science and Technology was established at Ka¯thmāndu to aid in socioeconomic development. The National Council for Science and Technology aims to formulate science and technology policy, promote scientific and technological research, coordinate research among ministries and Mehendra Sanskrit University, and disseminate information to the public. Tribhuvan University has faculties of science and technology, medicine, agriculture and animal science, engineering, and forestry. In 1987–97, science and engineering students accounted for 13% of college and university enrollments.

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Dec 7, 2011 @ 11:11 am
This type of website really give the positive information about the science and technology and as whole to nepal as well. so in the days to come should be well managed and developed.

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