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Communication with the outside world is maintained by a ground satellite station established in 1975, providing 24-hour telephone, telegraph, and telex services worldwide. A small telephone exchange, handling 2,000 telephones in 1996, provides on-island communication. In 1994, there were 450 cellular phones in use. A satellite earth station was commissioned in 1990.

Government-owned Radio Nauru, the only radio station, broadcasts in English and Nauruan. Though there is no local news reporting; the station rebroadcasts new services from Radio Australia and the BBC. As of 1997 there was one television station in operation. In the same year, there were 374 radios in use per 1,000 population. Internet service is available.

Most newspapers are imported. There are two regular publications: the private fortnightly newspaper, the Central Star News and the government Gazette .

The constitution provides for free expression, and the government is said to support this in practice.

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