Myanmar - Location, size, and extent

Situated in Southeast Asia, Myanmar has an area of 678,500 sq km (261,970 sq mi), extending 1,931 km (1,200 mi) N S and 925 km (575 mi) E W . Comparatively, the area occupied by Myanmar is slightly smaller than the state of Texas. It is bounded on the N and E by China, on the E by Laos, on the SE by Thailand, on the S by the Andaman Sea, and on the W by the Bay of Bengal, Bangladesh, and India, with a total boundary length of 7,806 km (4,850 mi), of which 1,930 km (1,197 mi) is coastline.

Myanmar's capital city, Yangon (formerly Rangoon), is located in the southern part of the country.

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This is really helpful, guys! I'm also doing a school assignment on Myanmar for geography and I found that it was a good source of information, thank you ;)
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This information about the size of Myanmar is quite precise and short to the point. This is the best source for studying the country, Myanmar. Thanks.

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