Myanmar - Animal husbandry

Despite Buddhist prohibitions against any kind of animal slaughter, the Myanma eat beef and other meats. Zebu cattle and water buffalo are mainly raised as draft animals; the output of such hides was 25,000 tons in 1999. Dairy farming is confined to the Shan and Kachin states; hogs and poultry are found in virtually every village.

In 2001, Myanmar had an estimated 11,218,000 head of cattle, 4,138,000 hogs, 2,500,000 water buffalo, 1,439,000 goats, 403,000 sheep, and 48,269,000 chickens, and 6,000,000 ducks. Meat production was 476,000 tons; milk from cattle, 581,000 tons (82% cow, 18% buffalo); eggs, 86,000 tons.

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