Mongolia - Energy and power

In 2001, the installed capacity of the electric power stations in Mongolia amounted to 901,000 kW. About half the population is served with electricity. Three major power plants are in Ulaanbaatar, one is in Darhan, and smaller facilities are in Sühbaatar and Choybalsan. In 2000, the output was 2.8 billion kWh, of which 100% was from fossil fuels. Electric power outages in rural areas can last for months. Consumption of electricity in 2000 was 2.7 billion kWh.

The Baga Nuur and Shariyn Gol mines were the two major coal mines. Mongol Gazry Tos, a state-owned petroleum company, has explored for new oil wells in the Dzuunbayan oil field near Saynshand in Dornogovi Aimag. Oil sands in the Tamstag Basin were determined to be commercially viable in 1995. Shortages of gasoline are common in the countryside, due to the declining deliveries from Russia.

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