Micronesia, Federated States of - Education

The state governments are responsible for the provision of education. Elementary education is compulsory up to the eighth grade or until age 15. In 1986 there were 142 primary schools, nine of them private, with 968 teachers and 23,636 pupils. Secondary education was provided through five public high schools, one in each state center and one in Falalop on the Ulithi atoll, serving Yap's outer islands, and through five private secondary schools, two in Truk and three in Pohnpei. The only post-secondary institution is the College of Micronesia (COM) in Pohnpei. However, in 1999 COM was in the process of opening a new campus built with US assistance, the beneficiary of Land Grant status through the US Department of Agriculture. FSM students are eligible for post-secondary education grants from the US government and attend institutions mainly in Guam, Hawaii, and the US mainland. Vocational education is provided by the Pohnpei Agriculture and Trade School and the Micronesian Occupational College in Palau.

A 1994 census poll reported that 22.8% of the FSM population had no schooling; 30.3% had some elementary schooling; 15.1% had some high school education; 13.6% had a high school diploma; 7.5% had some college; 6.1% had an associate's degree; 3.1% had a bachelor's degree; and 1.6% had engaged in graduate study.

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