Marshall Islands - Judicial system

The judiciary consists of the supreme court, the high court, the district court, and community courts. The supreme court has final appellate jurisdiction. The high court has trial jurisdiction over almost all cases and appellate jurisdiction over all types of cases tried in subordinate courts. The district court has limited civil and criminal jurisdiction nationwide.

LOCATION: 4° to 14° N; 160° to 173° E.
LOCATION: 4° to 14° N ; 160° to 173° E.

Community courts in local government areas adjudicate civil and criminal cases within their communities. In 1984, a traditional rights court was established to determine questions relating to titles or land rights and other legal interests involving customary law and traditional practice.

The constitution provides for an independent judiciary. The constitution also provides for the right to a fair trial. It prohibits the arbitrary interference with privacy, family, home, or correspondence. Government authorities respect these provisions in practice.

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