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In 2000, Malaysia had 134,503 hotel rooms with an occupancy rate of 58%. Most large hotels are in the major cities of Kuala Lumpur and George Town. The best-known hill resort areas are Cameron Highlands, Raub, and Pinang Hill. Island resorts off the coast of the peninsula are Langkawi and Pangkor. Horse racing, soccer, rugby, cricket, and sepak raga (a form of badminton) are popular spectator sports. Kite fighting and top spinning are traditional pastimes for children and adults, and silat (a Malay martial art) is popular in rural areas.

Passports are required of all entrants, although Malaysia has visa abolition agreements with all Commonwealth countries, the US, and other countries. Yellow fever inoculations are necessary for those arriving from infected areas.

Tourists numbered 10,221,582 in 2000 with receipts of about $4.9 billion.

The estimated cost of staying in Kuala Lumpur, according to 2002 US government estimates, was $129 per day.

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