Malaysia - Organizations

The Malaysian government promotes thrift, credit, processing, marketing, farming, consumer, and housing cooperatives. The cooperative movement was introduced in Malaya in 1922. The Chinese are organized along clan, common dialect, or occupational lines into rural credit associations. These local associations set up and maintain schools, build temples, and provide burial, relief, and employment services. In the larger cities, chambers of commerce, organized along ethnic lines, promote the economic welfare of the group represented.

Cultural organizations include the multinational Royal Asiatic Society and the International Institute of Islamic Thought and Civilization. Educational and research organizations include the Malaysian Medical Association and the Malaysian Scientific Association.

Kiwanis and Lion's clubs have programs in the country. Youth organizations include the Federation of Malay Student Unions, Girl Guides Association of Malaysia, Malaysia Council of Churches Youth Division, Muslim Youth Movement of Malaysia, National Union of Malaysian Muslim Students, and the United Malaysian Youth Movement. YMCA/YWCA chapters are also active. The Red Crescent Society is active in the country.

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