Malaysia - Climate

The climate of Peninsular Malaysia is equatorial, characterized by fairly high but uniform temperatures (ranging from 23° to 31° C /73° to 88° F throughout the year), high humidity, and copious rainfall (averaging about 250 cm/100 in annually). There are seasonal variations in rainfall, with the heaviest rains from October to December or January; except for a few mountain areas, the most abundant rainfall is in the eastern coastal region, where it averages over 300 cm (120 in) per year. Elsewhere the annual average is 200–300 cm (80–120 in), the northwestern and southwestern regions having the least rainfall. The nights are usually cool because of the nearby seas. The climate of East Malaysia is relatively cool for an area so near the equator.

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Dec 6, 2009 @ 12:00 am
please I want you to provide me all information about climate and weather of Kajang-Malaysia

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