Malaysia - Animal husbandry

Peninsular Malaysia is free of most of the infectious and contagious diseases that plague livestock in the tropical zone, but the livestock industry is of minor importance. The livestock population in 2001 included 1,972,000 hogs, 742,000 head of cattle, 247,000 goats, 129,000 sheep, and 148,000 buffalo. The swamp buffalo and indigenous breeds of cattle are used mainly as draft animals. Production of meat in 2001 included (in tons): poultry, 780,000; pork, 168,000; and beef (cattle). Malaysia is self-sufficient in pork and poultry production and also exports to other countries in the region, particularly Singapore and Japan. Sarawak's poultry sector is growing by 7% annually in response to increased demand from neighboring Kalimantan, Indonesia, where during certain festive months there is a poultry shortage. Hog raising and export are handled mainly by non-Muslim Chinese. The government prohibits the importation of chicken and chicken parts in order to protect domestic producers. Milk production was 32,000 tons in 2001.

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