Kyrgyzstan - Animal husbandry

About 44% of the total land area is considered permanent pastureland. Because of the rugged topography, pasture-based stock breeding is the agricultural mainstay.

Livestock in 2001 included 3.2 million chickens, 3,104,000 sheep, 1,970,000 cattle, 324,600 horses, 640,000 goats, and 87,000 pigs. Yaks are also bred. Meat production in 2001 totaled 200,000 tons; cow's milk, 1,110,000 tons; wool (greasy), 11,000 tons; and eggs, 12,700 tons.

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Jul 3, 2011 @ 2:02 am
What is done with 11000 tons of wool produced in a year. What type of wool it is

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