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Major tourist attractions are Seoul, the former royal capital of the Yi (or Li) Dynasty, and Kyongju, with its treasures from the ancient kingdom of Silla. Soccer and baseball are the most popular modern sports. Traditional sports for men are wrestling, archery, kite fighting, and t'aekwondo (a martial art). Popular games include paduk, the Korean name for Japan's board game go; changgi, or Korean chess, with pieces different from the European form; and yut, or Korean dice, played with four wooden sticks.

The tourist industry has grown rapidly, from 4,250,216 foreign visitors in 1998 to 5,321,792 visitors in 2000. The number of hotel rooms totaled 51,189 in 2000, with a 65% occupancy rate. Tourist receipts reached $6.8 billion that year.

In 2002, the US Department of State estimated the cost of staying in Seoul at $264 per day; expenses in Daejon were estimated at $183 per day.

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