Korea, Republic of (ROK) - Libraries and museums

In 2002, the Central National Library, founded in 1923, had approximately 3.8 million volumes. Most other sizable libraries in the ROK are found at universities. The largest academic collection is at the Seoul National University Library (2.2 million volumes).

The National Museum, with centers in Seoul, Kyongju, Kwangju, Puyo, Chinju, Chunju, Chongju, and Kongju contains art objects reflecting more than 5,000 years of cultural history, including statuary pieces, ceramics, and painting. A major private museum is the Ho-Am Art Museum in Seoul. The National Museum of Modern Art in Seoul presents many special exhibits as well a permanent collection. The National Science Museum of Korea, completed in 1990 in Daejon, is one of the country's most recent cultural sites. The ROK also possesses collections of early printing, dynastic histories, and art in its palaces and Buddhist temples, and in university, college, and public libraries.

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