Korea, Democratic People's Republic of (DPRK) - Tourism, travel, and recreation

Most sightseeing takes place in the capital city of P'yongyang. Travel outside P'yongyang is closed to individual tourists but available to groups. Nampe, the port city for P'yongyang, has a beach resort area. The two most outstanding tourist sites outside the capital are the Kumgang (Diamond) Mountains in the southwest and Packdu Mountain on the Chinese border. Wrestling, tug-of-war, chess (with pieces different from the European form), and kite fighting are traditional sports. All visitors need visas secured in advance from DPRK diplomatic representatives. Increasingly anxious to obtain foreign exchange, the government has invited touring delegations from numerous nations, especially developing nations. All tourism from the United States, Israel, the ROK, and South Africa, is banned without invitation.

According to the UN, the daily cost of travel in DPRK in 1999 was $179 in P'yongyang and $104 elsewhere.

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