Korea, Democratic People's Republic of (DPRK) - Famous koreans

Among the many historical figures of united Korea are Ulchi Mundok, a Koguryo general of the early 7th century AD ; Kim Yosin (595–673), a warrior and folk hero in Silla's struggle to unify the peninsula; Wang Kon (877–943), the founder and first ruler of the Koryo Dynasty; Yun Kwan (d.1111), a Koryo general who repulsed Chinese invaders; Kim Pu-sik (1075–1151), a scholar-official who wrote the great History of the Three Kingdoms; Yi Song-gye (1335–1408), a general and founder of the Yi (or Li) Dynasty; King Sejong (1397–1450), who called for the invention of Han'gul and was Korea's greatest monarch; Yi Hwang (1501–70) and Yi I (1536–84), Neo-Confucianist philosophers and officials; Yi Sun-sin (1545–98), an admiral who invented the "turtleboat," the first ironclad ship, and defeated the Japanese in every naval engagement of the Hideyoshi invasions, dying in the climactic battle; Chong Yag-yong (1762–1836), a pragmatic scholar-official and prolific writer; and Yi Ha-ung (1820–98), known as the Taewon'gun (Prince Regent), the regent for his son, Kojong, and the central political figure of the late 19th century.

The preeminent political figure of the DPRK is Kim Il Sung (1912–94), the leader of the nation from 1948 until his death. Other influential figures have included Kim Il (1910–84), a prominent officeholder since 1954; Kim Jong Il (b. 1941), the son of Kim Il Sung, who succeeded him; Nam Il (1914–76), a chief of staff who became well known as an armistice negotiator at P'anmunjom (1951–53), and Marshal O Jin U (1918–95), head of the army from 1976 until 1993.

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