Kazakhstan - Animal husbandry

About 70% of Kazakhstan's total land area is permanent pastureland. In 2001, the livestock population included 19.7 million chickens, 8.4 million sheep, 1.7 million pigs, 976,000 horses, and about one million goats. Total meat production in 2001 amounted to 667,000 tons, of which 43% was beef, 14% mutton and lamb, 27% pork, 5% chicken, and 11% other meat.

Wool is an important animal product; in 2001, 23,600 tons of greasy wool were produced. That year, cow milk production totaled 3,923,000 tons, and 103,000 tons of eggs were laid.

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Oct 1, 2018 @ 7:07 am
I need to update Kazakhstan animal husbandry information. How many are there livestock population? In the last study, how many tons was it milk production?

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