Jordan - Organizations

Religious organizations still are of major importance, and membership in the hamula, the kinship group or lineage comprising several related families, also is of great significance as a framework for social organization. Literary and theatrical clubs have become popular, especially since World War II, but political organizations died out after the 1957 ban on political parties. There are chambers of commerce in 'Amman and other large towns. The Jordan Trade Association supports business owners with domestic and international holdings. Jordan serves as the home base for a number of multinational organizations, including the Islamic Academy of Sciences and the Arab Music Academy.

National youth organizations include the Jordanian Association for Boy Scouts and Girl Guides, YMCA/YWCA, National Union of Jordanian Students, and the Orthodox Youth Education Society. The Alliance for Arab Women and the Jordanian National Committee for Women are based in 'Amman. The Noor Al-Hussein Foundation, founded in 1985, is a major national social welfare organization. The Red Crescent Society is active as well.

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