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The most successful cooperatives in Indonesia have been village unit cooperatives, designed to meet the small farmer's need for credit and aid in marketing cash crops. The cooperatives have also been instrumental in distributing improved rice, fertilizers, pesticides, and superior cattle breeds, and also in instructing farmers in their handling. Village unit cooperatives also exist for such cottage industries as batik (a method of hand-painting textiles), textiles, and garment production, which are important forms of employment in rural areas.

Among social welfare and women's organizations are the Indonesian Women's Congress, a federation founded in 1928; the National Council on Social Welfare; the Indonesian Planned Parenthood Association; the Council of Muslim Women's Organizations; GOPTKI, a federation of organizations that run kindergartens; Association of Women of the Republic of Indonesia; and the Indonesian National Commission on the Status of Women. International organizations with chapters in Indonesia include Habitat for Humanity, the Red Cross, and the Kiwanis and Lion's clubs.

National youth organizations include the Indonesian Hindu Youth Association, Indonesian Moslem Youth, Islamic Association of University Students, National Board of IMKA/YMCA Indonesia, Students Solidarity for Democracy in India, and Young Generation of Islam of Indonesia. There is also a national association for Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts (Indonesia Geraken Pramuka).

There are a number of organizations promoting education and research into various arts and sciences, including the Indonesian Institute of Sciences

Many trade and business promotional organizations are concerned with individual sectors of the business world— exporters' organizations, sugar traders' associations, and so on. An Indonesian chamber of commerce and industries has connections with leading business organizations in the country. United Kingdom, Chinese, Indian, and Pakistani business people have national associations. The Indonesian Consumers Association is active. ASEAN Council on Petroleum, ASEAN Occupational Safety and Health Network, and ASEAN Regional Forum all have offices in Jakarta.

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