Indonesia - Animal husbandry

In 2001, the livestock population was 11,191,000 head of cattle, 12,456,000 goats, 7,294,000 sheep, 5,867,000 hogs and 430,000 horses. There are also about 2,287,000 buffalo in the country. The production of meat (about 1,742,000 tons in 2001) and cows' milk (505,000 tons) is secondary to the raising of draft animals for agricultural purposes and transportation. The government has established cattle-breeding stations and artificial-insemination centers to improve the stock and has been carrying on research to improve pastures. Technical and other assistance is also offered to chicken and duck farmers in an effort to increase protein supplies. There were an estimated 853.8 million chickens and 29.9 million ducks in 2001, when some 641,000 tons of eggs were produced. Local demand for animal products is constrained by low purchasing power, but increases in consumer income will raise demand for animal protein. Dairy and egg exports totaled $115.2 million in 2001.

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