Fiji - International cooperation

Since joining the UN on 13 October 1970, Fiji has been a leading spokesman for Pacific island states and has contributed contingents to UN peacekeeping forces in Lebanon (1978) and the Sinai (1982). In September 2002, Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase reaffirmed Fiji's continued willingness to participate in UN peacekeeping operations. Fiji belongs to ESCAP and all UN nonregional specialized agencies except IAEA. A member of the WTO, Fiji also is a member of the Asian Development Bank, G-77, and the South Pacific Commission and Forum. Its membership in the Commonwealth of Nations was said to have "lapsed," according to a meeting of Commonwealth heads of government held shortly after the September 1987 coup.

On 10 December 1982, Fiji became the first nation to ratify the Law of the Sea. Fiji's delegates had taken a prominent role in framing the document.

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