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There are at least 25 hotels in Dili, with room prices ranging between $30 and $280. Budget accommodations elsewhere may be obtained for as little as $8 a night. Meal prices range from $3 to over $20. One of Dili's two luxury hotels is an anchored cruise ship. Scuba diving and whale and dolphin watching are tourist attractions, in addition to the country's beaches. The northern coast features white sand beaches, while the southern coast is rocky with occasional black sand beaches. There are elaborate intact coral reefs, populated by over 1,000 aquatic species. East Timor's colonial towns and rugged mountains are also popular with visitors.

Passports must be valid for six months beyond the intended date of departure. An Indonesian visa is required to cross the land border from east to west. As of 2003, the tourist industry was developing. However, a lack of infrastructure and tourist facilities, as well as a continued threat of militia activity in the west, combine to curtail some tourist activity.

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