East Timor - Political parties

There were 16 registered parties for the Constituent Assembly elections held in August 2001. Fretilin won 57.37% of the national votes and elected 12 of the 13 district representatives. The 12 parties represented in East Timor's first 88-member Parliament were: Fretilin (Revolutionary Front of Independent East Timor), 55 seats; the Democratic Party (PD), 7 seats; the Social Democratic Party (PSD) and the Social Democratic Association of Timor (ASDT), 6 seats each; the Democratic Union of Timor (UDT), the Christian Democratic Party (PDC), the People's Party of Timor (PPT), the Nationalist Party of Timor (PNT), and the Timorese Monarchist Association (KOTA), 2 seats each; the Liberal Party (PL), the Christian Democratic Party of Timor (UDC/PDC), the Socialist Party of Timor (PST), and an independent candidate, 1 seat each.

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