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Student organizations in East Timor were influential in the nation's independence campaign and have continued to speak out for civil rights. The National Student Resistance of East Timor (Resistencia Nacional Dos Estudantes De Timor Leste) began in 1988 as an underground organization of Indonesian university students. The East Timor Students Solidarity Council originated in 1998 at the National University of East Timor. It has since set up regional groups throughout the country to represent the views of university and high school students and faculty. Catholic youth organizations have formed. There are also youth scouting groups active in the new nation.

The Red Cross Society was in formative stages as of 2003. There are a number of women's groups, covering political, health, and social issues, including Rede Feto Timor Lorosae, which serves as a network of about 15 individual groups.

The Cooperative Coffee Timor (CCT) is a federation of Timorese-owned organic coffee cooperatives that has received recent aid and developmental support from USAID. The Chamber of Commerce of East Timor and the National Association of East Timor Entrepreneurs are two major business associations in good standing, though in 2001 they were not officially endorsed by the new Division of Trade and Investment.

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