Cambodia - Forestry

About 53% of the country was forested in 2000. Forestry has been limited because of transportation difficulties and damage from war. The main products of the forest industry are timber, resins, wood oil, fuel, and charcoal. Production of roundwood, averaging about 4 million cu m (141 million cu ft) in the late 1960s, fell off sharply during the 1970–75 war, but increased to over 10.9 million cu m (385 million cu ft) in 2000. Exports of sawn wood were valued at $10.5 million. Fuel wood production was 10.1 million cu m (357 million cu ft) in 2000.

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I want to know more about cambodia forestry historicl background
I would like know the forestry in cambodia to day and like a doccument to reference to write reports ,I want to conservation forest to substanable.

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