Cambodia - Energy and power

Several new power-generating facilities were installed in the mid-1960s, but total capacity was reduced by about one-third in the course of the 1970s war, reaching 41,000 kW by 1973/74; in that period, production stood at 150 million kWh. Total generating capacity was 35,000 kW in 2001; net production in 2000 was 100 million kWh, of which 62.1% was from fossil fuels and 37.9% from hydropower. Electricity consumption was 122.8 million kWh in 2000.

Offshore oil was reportedly discovered by a French firm in August 1974 in the vicinity of the Wai Islands. In 1995 a total of 17 foreign companies submitted bids to explore for oil and gas both onshore and offshore; the offshore areas are near Sihanouksville on the Gulf of Thailand.

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