Bhutan - Energy and power

In 2000, 55% of Bhutan's commercial energy consumption (which totaled 380.7 million kWh) was provided by hydroelectric power, 24% from petroleum, and 21% from coal. Electric power was introduced in Bhutan in 1962; by the mid-1980s, six hydroelectric and six diesel power stations were in operation. The 336-MW Chukha hydroelectric project, in southwestern Bhutan, was completed in early 1987 and is connected to the Indian power grid; the project was funded by India, which is to receive all the electrical output not used by Bhutan. As of 2002 the major hydroelectric project under construction was the 1,020 MW Tala plant, slated for completion in 2004/05. In 2001, Bhutan's net installed capacity was 425,000 kW; in 2000 production totaled 1,900 million kWh, of which 99% was hydroelectric. Bhutan suffers frequent power outages and shortages.

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