Bangladesh - Forestry

Bangladesh has an estimated 1,010,000 ha (2,496,000 acres) of forests, covering some 7.8% of land area. In recent years, the pressure of population has led to enormous deforestation. The government-controlled Forest Industries Development Corp. supervises the development and exploitation of forest resources. Roundwood production in 2000 came to 28.5 million cu m (1 billion cu ft). Over 98% of timber cut is used for firewood.

The main forest zone is the Sunderbans area in the southwest, consisting mostly of mangrove forests. Two principal species dominate the Sunderban forests: sundari trees, which grow about 15–18 m (50–60 ft) high and are of tough timber, and gewa trees, a softer wood used for making newsprint. Teak and bamboo are grown in the central forests.

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