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The capital city of Baku is one of the prime tourist destinations of the Caucasus region. Its Old Town, with the Shirvanshah palace dating back to the 15–16th centuries, is especially popular with sightseers. Other attractions include the Museum of History and the State Arts Museum, as well as museums of folk art and literature. Elsewhere in Azerbaijan, the Gobustan Museum displays prehistoric dwellings and cave paintings, and the village of Surakhani attracts visitors to the Atashgah Fire-Worshipper's Temple. Visitors are also welcome at the carpet-weaving factory in the village of Nardaran, the Wine-making State Farm in the Shamakhi area, the Fruit and Vegetable State Farm around the town of Guba, and the Mashtagha Subtropical Fruit State Farm.

There were approximately 681,000 tourist arrivals in Azerbaijan in 2000, with about 50% of visitors coming from Europe. Tourism receipts that year reached about $63 million.

In 2002, the US Department of State estimated the cost of staying in Baku at $282 per day. The cost of staying outside of Baku can be much lower, even around $64 per day.

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