Australia - Armed forces

The Australian armed forces numbered 50,920 active personnel in 2002, including 6,364 women. The army consisted of 25,150; the navy, 12,570; and the air force, 13,200. Reserve forces numbered 20,300 for all three services. Military weapons systems included 71 battle tanks, 6 submarines, and 156 airforce combat aircrafts. Australia contrubuted to peacekeeping missions in East Timor, Ethiopia/Eritrea, Egypt, and the Middle East.

Australia's estimated defense expenditure in 2001–02 was $9.3 billion, 2% of GDP.

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Terry Snow
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May 17, 2009 @ 4:16 pm
I have a bugle with a lion rampant as a crest and a cross in its paws and the word looks like kuion as a battle honour. Can you please let me know if it was a Australian unit possible 61st 25th or 7th who fought at a district with this name please.
Many thanks if you can help Terry Snow

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