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Organization membership for the vast majority of Venezuelans is confined to labor unions and professional societies. Industrial, commercial, and agricultural management associations—including the National Association of Merchants and Industrialists, the Industrial Chamber of Caracas, the National Confederation of Associations of Agricultural Producers, and the National Association of Metallurgical Industries and Mining—are represented nationally by the Federation of Chambers, which is influential in shaping foreign and domestic trade policy. There are also professional associations representing a wide variety of occupations.

Educational and research organizations include the Academy of Mathematics, Physical, and Natural Sciences; the National Academy of Medicine, and the multinational Latin American Academy of Sciences. The Center for OPEC Studies, which focuses on cultural and socioeconomic issues uniting the OPEC member countries, is located in Caracas. The Red Cross is also active.

The Scout Association of Venezuela is one of the most active national youth organizations. Others include the Communist Youth of Venezuela, Youth for the New Alternative, Revolutionary Youth Copeyana, Youth for Democratic Action, and YMCA/YWCA.

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