The Bahamas - Tourism, travel, and recreation

Tourism in the Bahamas is recovering from a decline which began in 1990, due to the US recession and competition from other Caribbean nations.

Visitors are attracted to the Bahamas' excellent climate, beaches, and recreational and resort facilities. Water sports (including excellent deep-sea fishing) are the favorite pastimes. Gambling is legal for non-Bahamians.

Passports are not required for tourists from the UK, Canada, and US for stays of less than three weeks. Passports but not visas are required of most visitors from Western Europe, Commonwealth countries, and Latin America. In 2000, 1,596,159 million tourists visited the islands spending a total of US $1.8 billion. There were 14,701 hotel rooms and 29,402 beds with a 67% occupancy rate. According to 2003 US Department of State estimates, the cost of staying in the Bahamas varies between seasons and location. Averages can be as low as $25 per day for a stay on Andros Island to about $399 per day on Naussau (from November to June).

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