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The Nassau Public Library is the largest of four public libraries on New Providence, with some 80,000 volumes. The Ranfurly Out Island Library, a private institution, distributes free book packages to school libraries throughout the country. The library of the College of the Bahamas in Nassau maintains a collection of 75,000 volumes. Most museums in the Bahamas are archaeological and historical. In Hope Town is the Wyannie Malone Historical Museum, which features the history of the town and its early American loyalist settlers. In Nassau there is the Bahamia Museum (1973), featuring ethnology and folklore; the Bahamas Historical Society Museum (1959), a public affairs museum with a Marine Salvage collection; the Nassau Public Library and Museum; the Pompey Museum of Slavery and Emancipation (1992), a historical, ethnological, and folklore museum; and Angelo Roker's Art Centre and Museum.

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stacy hall
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Mar 28, 2008 @ 2:02 am
My family will be arriving in the Bahamas next Nov.2008 via sailboat. We intend to homeschool our daughter via internet classroom. Which Bahamian libraries offer internet access? WiFi?

Thanks for your assistance,
stacy hall

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