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The telephone system is fully automatic, with an estimated 37,000 mainline telephones in service in 1997. The same year, there were about 1,600 cellular phones in use.

In 2001, there were three radio stations and three television stations. In 1997 there were 668 radios and 167 TV sets in use per 1,000 population. Television programs consist of some local programming, videotapes, and live broadcasts originating in Barbados; television transmissions from Martinique are also received.

Three main newspapers are published in St. Lucia. The Voice of St. Lucia appears on Wednesday and Saturday; two weeklies, the Crusader (2002 circulation, 4,000) and the St. Lucia Star (10,000), are published on Saturday.

The government is said to generally respect constitutionally provided free speech and free press, though occasionally it has shown open hostility toward both the print media and radio. Newspapers, radio and television carry a wide spectrum of opinion, including that which is directly critical of the government.

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