Nicaragua - Ethnic groups

The Nicaraguan population is basically mestizo, a mixture of white and Amerindian. There are no census data on racial composition, but estimates place the mestizo component at 69% and the white population at 17%; blacks account for 9%, and Amerindians for the remaining 5%.

Traditionally, the Atlantic littoral has been inhabited mainly by blacks from Jamaica, Belize, and various present and former British possessions in the Caribbean. The more densely populated Pacific coast highland has long been basically mestizo in composition. Most Amerindian groups in Nicaragua have been assimilated, but Miskito Amerindians, as well as Sumus, make their traditional homes on the Mosquito Coast and neighboring areas.

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Sep 25, 2012 @ 2:14 pm
You have forgotten about the Chinese population or Chinese-Nicaraguans. They are about 6 to 10% which is a considerable amount since Nicaragua's population is less than 6 million.

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