Nicaragua - Animal husbandry

Nicaragua, the second largest cattle-raising country of Central America (after Honduras), had 3.3 million head of dairy and beef cattle in 2001. There were also 248,000 horses, 410,000 hogs, and 55,000 mules and donkeys. Total beef production in 2001 was 54,077 tons. Meat exports, perennially one of Nicaragua's most important trade commodities, were valued at $23 million in 1981 but had fallen to $7 million by 1987, but have increased since then to $69.8 million in 1998. The primary markets for Nicaraguan beef are the United States, El Salvador, and Puerto Rico. In 1990, Nicaragua was given back access to the US beef products market, and since then the livestock industry has been a profitable business and a key economic indicator for the country. Milk production in 1998 totaled 215,000 tons.

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