Honduras - Animal husbandry

Honduran consumption of milk and meat is traditionally low. However, pastures account for 13.8% of the total land area. Poor transportation facilities are a barrier to the development of stock raising and dairying, two potentially profitable economic activities. Honduras has nearly 100,000 livestock operations, mostly small or medium-sized producers. About 50% of all cattle ranches are 50 ha (124 acres) or smaller, and 95% of all ranches have less than 100 head. In 2001, the cattle population was estimated at 1,800,000 head; hogs, 500,000; horses and mules, 200,000; and chickens, 18,000,000. That year, 594,000 tons of raw milk and 44,000 tons of eggs were produced. By 1999, livestock and poultry production had increased 33% since 1989–91.

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