Haiti - Flora and fauna

Tropical and semitropical plants and animals are characterized more by their variety than by their abundance. In the rain forest of the upper mountain ranges, pine and ferns as well as mahogany, cedar, rosewood, and sapin are found. Coffee, cacao, and coconut trees and native tropical fruits such as avocado, orange, lime, and mango grow wild. Many species of insects abound, but there are no large mammals or poisonous snakes. Ducks, guinea hens, and four varieties of wild pigeons are plentiful. Egrets and flamingos live on the inland lakes. Reptile life includes three varieties of crocodile, numerous small lizards, and the rose boa. Tarpon, barracuda, kingfish, jack, and red snapper abound in the coastal waters.

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May 27, 2013 @ 4:16 pm
I'd like to know some detail about the lives of the rebel runaway slaves who hid in the mountains late 18th century, that is, what shelters were used, how they stayed hidden, how they planned their plantation raids, what did they eat, etc.

If anyone knows or can refer me to a book, I'd be grateful.

Thank you

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