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Cooperative societies cover virtually every aspect of the economy. There is a chamber of commerce in Georgetown. Professional associations exist for teachers and lawyers. Amnesty International and the Red Cross have active chapters within the country.

There are a number of national youth organizations, including National Association of Youth and Students, the Progressive Youth Organization, Student Christian Movement of Guyana, the Trade Union Youth Movement of Guyana, Working Peoples Alliance Youth, and the Guyana United Youth Society. Scouting programs and YMCA/YWCA chapters are also active.

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How can someone become involved in one of the listed organizations?
Poorandayal Omacharan
Hello my name is poorandayal. I'm currently a student of the University of Guyana and evey much interested in the Progressive Youth Oranganization (PYO), how can i brcome a member of this organization?
I am a student of I.B.E (Institude Of Business Education) and would like to be apart of the P.Y.O

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