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Tourism, although modest in relation to that of other Caribbean islands, was a major enterprise for Grenada before the 1979 coup and 1983 invasion. Since 1984, it has recovered rapidly, and the government is emphasizing development of the tourist infrastructure. There has also been substantial foreign investment in the hotel sector. Since 1989, American Airlines nonstop service to Grenada has boosted tourism significantly. Tourist arrivals numbered 128,864 in 2000 and tourism revenues were $67 million. There were 1,822 hotel rooms with a 71% occupancy rate as of that year. Grenada offers the visitor a wide array of white sand beaches and excellent sailing. Two yacht harbors provide port and customs facilities. A valid passport is required for entry into Grenada, except for citizens of the UK, the US, and Canada who have two documents proving citizenship. Visas are not required by visitors from North America, the UK, France, Germany, and certain other countries.

In 2001, the US government estimated the cost of staying in Grenada at $270 per day between December and April. At other times of the year daily expenses were approximately $238.

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