Grenada - Social development

A National Insurance Scheme provides old age, disability, survivor, health, and maternity benefits to all workers. It is financed by wage contributions of 5% from employers and 4% from workers. The retirement age is 60 for both men and women, and pensions equal 30% of average earnings. Maternity benefits are payable for 12 weeks. Survivor pensions total 75% of the pension of the insured. A funeral grant is also provided.

Women often earn less than men, especially in lower paying jobs, although there is no official discrimination. Sexual harassment in the workplace is common. Domestic violence is addressed with laws including jail time, community service, fines and restraining orders for perpetrators. Child abuse is also prevalent. Most cases of abuse, domestic violence and rape go unreported.

Human rights organizations operate freely in Grenada. Flogging is a legal form of punishment, although it is rarely used in practice.

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