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Grenada is divided into seven medical districts, each headed by a medical officer. Grenada General Hospital in St. George's and two other general hospitals (one on Carriacou and one in St. Andrews) have a combined total of 340 beds (1998 est.). Other hospital facilities include an 80-bed mental hospital (rebuilt after being severely damaged in the 1983 invasion) and a nursing home with 120 beds. There are 36 health centers, which provide primary care. In 1998, Grenada had 242 registered nurses. In the same year there were 59 doctors working in the public health sector.

As of 2002, the infant mortality rate was 14.6 per 1,000 live births, and life expectancy averaged 64.5 years. The total fertility rate was an estimated 2.5 children per woman during her childbearing years. Respective 2002 estimates for overall birth and death rates were 23 and 7.6 per 1,000 people. In 1997, 92% of the country's children were immunized against measles. Malaria has virtually been eradicated and a program to eradicate yellow fever mosquito is making progress.

In 1996, there were 76 new cases of AIDS reported.

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