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The outstanding contemporary learned society is the Ecuadoran Academy, founded in 1875, and the second academy in Spanish America. It is a correspondent of the Royal Spanish Academy. The Ecuadoran Culture House prints works of contemporary Ecuadoran writers, encourages the investigation of scientific and social problems, and conducts discussions on cultural matters. The Andean Institute of Popular Arts, based in Ecuador, is a multinational organization that promotes interest and study in the arts through special programs and scholarships. There are about seven chambers of commerce and industry and at least 10 employers' organizations.

Fraternal organizations and service clubs in Ecuador include the Masons, Rotary clubs, and Lions clubs. Scouting programs are active for youth. Social and charitable organizations are sponsored by the Roman Catholic Church.

The Charles Darwin Foundation for the Galapagos Isles, with multinational interest and membership, is based in Quito. The International Red Cross and Amnesty International are active in the country.

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