Ecuador - Animal husbandry

The dairy industry is located in the most fertile valleys of the highland plateau from Ibarra to Riobamba, where irrigation is available. The beef cattle industry is an important part of the agricultural economy, as exports to Colombia and Peru have become more profitable; there were 5,573,000 head of cattle in 2001. Nearly all the sheep (2,248,000 in 2001) are in the highlands; most are raised by Amerindians and are pastured at over 2,700 m (9,000 ft). The wool is of poor quality. Hogs and goats, found throughout the country, are frequently diseased and poorly fed; in 2001 there were an estimated 2,788,000 hogs and 273,000 goats. The use of bananas as hog feed has made hog farming more attractive economically. Poultry production has been steadily growing—208,600 tons in 2001, up from an annual average of 69,000 tons during 1989–91. Beef production totaled 189,000 tons in 2001. Milk production in 2001 totaled 2,431,000 tons, and eggs, 72,500 tons.

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Jan 22, 2014 @ 7:19 pm
What else is grown here i need more information and better details this cant be all that is grown or breeded here!

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