Dominica - Labor

The labor force in 2002 was estimated at 25,000. About 40% of the labor force was employed in agriculture, 32% in industry and commerce, and 28% in services. Unemployment was officially 23% in 2002.

Unions have the right to strike, organize, and engage in collective bargaining, however unions represented less than 10% of the workforce in 2002. Essential services are prohibited from striking and this includes the coconut, citrus, and banana industries as well as the port service that supports them.

The work week is 40 hours, and the law provides for a minimum of two weeks of paid vacation per year. The minimum wage is set by the government and varies from sector to sector. Last revised in 1989, the average wage was between $.74 and $1.11 per hour in 2002. These wages are not sufficient to support a family, however most workers earn more than the minimum. The minimum working age is 15 and this is generally observed without government enforcement. Occupational safety and health standards are not generally enforced by the government, but most employers comply with them.

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